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By Central Coast T..., on Nov 2, 2013

By Nina Beety

I submitted this editorial below on Pacific Grove's Measure G to the Monterey County Herald 10-24. Measure G is a %27.8 million dollar bond issue solely for putting technology in classrooms in the  small PG Unified School District. The editorial has not been published. it's long, but though I called to ask them if they had any questions, they never responded. The Herald does not publish editorials I write on wireless issues, including a recent one on RF implants by the Aquarium and marine biologists. They rarely print letters to the editor if I write anything about wireless radiation.

This is why the public doesn't know about Cal-Am's smart water meters, the hazards of wireless technology in general, and all the science available showing harm. When the Herald and other news media, including the Monterey County Weekly, refuse to print, the only option is paid advertising, which is expensive. How many other subjects does the news media "pass" on, publishing only what govt agencies and industry reps say is acceptable, despite those subjects (Fukushima, for example) being critical health and safety issues?

And unfortunately, there is little financial support for projects like advertising. Many times, that is the only way to be heard. I'm very grateful for all the space Pattie Mills and Thom Coby give in Connection Magaziine to the community on wireless issues. If it was not for them, the public would be hearing very little on these issues. They do so much heavy lifting for us.

Below is my editorial, and attached is the flyer I created.


Measure G harms children

On Nov. 5, Pacific Grove residents vote on Measure G, a 27.8 million dollar bond measure by Pacific Grove Unified School District for the sole purpose of putting technology in schools. This plan has a number of problems, but the biggest is that this technology is wireless – iPads, other wireless devices, and wireless internet,

When the Los Angeles Unified School District proposed a similar technology plan, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine warned there were not enough doctors in Los Angeles County to handle the medical problems that would result.

Wireless radiation is microwave radiation, a form of pulsed radiofrequency radiation (RF). Internationally, medical professionals and scientists, even governments, are warning about wireless technology. Thousands of studies show wide-ranging health impacts. But the PGUSD superintendent and school board have consistently taken no action on the science and the health risks. PGUSD has already installed some wireless networks and wireless tech in the schools without informed consent by students, staff, or the public. This creates a huge liability risk for everyone, including district taxpayers, as the health damage becomes more apparent.

Cancer is now the leading cause of death in children, surpassing accidents. One in 50 children have autism now, compared to one in 25,000 40 years ago. One in five children have a mental disorder, according to the CDC. ADHD and Alzheimer’s rates are soaring. Between 1975 and 2010, neurological deaths in the U.S. doubled, and neurological diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are occurring at younger ages.

Before you vote on Measure G, here are some specifics you should know:

  • The Apple iPad manual states that iPads can cause seizures, blackouts, loss of awareness, headaches, convulsions, muscle twitching, and involuntary movement.
  • The manual also states that iPads exceed FCC exposure limits unless held "correctly".

But…FCC exposure limits are only for a brief, one-time exposure that does not cause heating in a large man. These limits do not address non-thermal, biological effects. In 2012, Santa Cruz County Health Officer Poki Namkung told Santa Cruz County, "There are no current, relevant public safety standards for pulsed RF involving chronic exposure of the public, nor of sensitive populations." Children are a sensitive population. "There is no scientific data to determine if there is a safe RF exposure level regarding its non-thermal effects:"

  • Children sit with the transmitter radiating on or near their bodies from the computer, laptop, or wireless device, in addition to the radiation from wireless routers in the room.
  • School routers are much stronger than home routers. Parents often oppose cell towers at or near schools, and rightly so. What they don’t know is that radiation levels in classrooms with wireless computers and routers can equal the radiation from cell towers only 100 meters away.
  • In 1996, Om Gandhi, University of Utah, warned about the particular vulnerability of children. Children absorb far more radiation into their brains, eyes, and bone marrow than adults. Infants in the womb have even less protection against this radiation. Children’s immune and neurological systems don’t fully form until their late teens or early 20’s. Children are at much greater risk for brain cancer from wireless devices.



  • And children are becoming sick in these environments: nausea and vomiting, racing heart and arrhythmia, flu-like symptoms, nosebleeds, headaches, fainting, dizziness, insomnia, depression, agitation, difficulty concentrating and remembering. A website by children to alert other children to the health dangers is

But it’s worse than that. There is hidden, ongoing damage that may take five, ten, twenty, thirty years to manifest. Study after study shows sperm damage. Girls and women carry from conception all eggs they will ever make (maturing from follicles). Military microwave expert Barrie Trower is calling Wi-Fi the new thalidomide. Years of exposure to microwave radiation, it is being warned now, will not only cause birth defects and permanent genetic damage but infertility as well.

Research also shows DNA damage and micronuclei formation, calcium ion efflux leading to leaky cell membranes, cataracts, breaches in the critical blood-brain barrier leading to MS, stroke, auto-immune, Alzheimer’s, and dementia, cancers and tumors, thyroid cell death (which impacts obesity), changes in the blood and to hormones like melatonin, impacts to the brain, including to memory and concentration, and to brain waves, and causing actual brain damage, heart rhythm disturbances, cellular stress, including the formation of heat shock proteins, and more. Nitrosative/oxidative stress caused by this exposure begins a cascade of degenerative processes in the body.

Frank Clegg, former President of Microsoft Canada, started Canadians for Safe Technology, and warns about Wi-Fi, as does Didier Bellens, head of the Belgian telecom company Belgacom. In 2004, the Swiss telecom Swisscom said, "The influence of electrosmog on the human body is a known problem," and in 2010, it started offering free wired fiber optic internet to schools in Switzerland if they had hardwired computers.

So why is the U.S. industry pushing this on schools and children?

In 2003, over 2000 German healthcare professionals signed the Freiburg Appeal, and the Russian Non-Ionizing Radiation Committee has repeatedly warned that we are risking major health problems, including neurological problems, with our children in the near and far term. In 2005, the Salzburg Austria Health Department advised no Wi-Fi or DECT phones in schools. The German government advised, "Prefer wired connections over wireless" in 2007. A committee of the Council of Europe recommended banning all wireless and wireless devices in schools for European Union members, while in 2008, France pulled Wi-Fi out of libraries including the French National Library and the Sorbonne Library.

Spain stopped their digital classroom program early this year stating that children performed better in classrooms without computers.

Other countries, including China, Russia, Hungary, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, and India, have much stricter exposure limits than the U.S. And the World Health Organization declared this a possible carcinogen in 2011. In 2012, the Austrian Medical Association issued guidelines for treating electromagnetic radiation-related diseases and proposed RF limits ten-million times stricter than FCC limits.

In the U.S., the official position is, "there is no harm". The U.S. is pressuring other countries to "harmonize" with our exposure limits. The FCC openly works with the telecom industry, and this year, President Obama nominated Thomas Wheeler, former head of the telecom and internet industry, to chair the FCC. If this confirmation takes place, it will be a disaster for Americans.

In the absence of responsible leadership, it is up to parents to protect their children, and for children to take action themselves. In Pacific Grove, vote "No" on Measure G. Wireless technology must be replaced by wired technology, and students’ exposure to electromagnetic fields, also a health risk, limited during the school day.

If school districts do not act, parents and students must decide whether they will risk their health and future to remain in the school system. If that means withdrawing from public and private schools that have this technology, then perhaps a new era of independent community schools and increased home schooling will result.

This community must become better informed about the hazards of wireless technology. There is too much at stake to continue with business as usual.

Here are a few of the many websites with information from the medical and scientific community: includes letter by the AAEM (Spanish) (Spanish)

Words: 1220

Nina Beety

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