CA - Super Majority in Both Houses - Hispanic Conservatives to the Rescue -

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By Central Coast T..., on Nov 8, 2012

California can now raise taxes at will.  Oh the elation, oh the joy, oh stuff it Republicans - we finally got it, "you like me, you REALLY like me."

Why should we be so happy for them  - because they now completely own the state..whoopee.

Among other things, an increase in the current unfunded pension liability which is now above 500 Billion - because all the cut backs in recent years in state employment will be filled and added to. Super nice.

Let's add back in all the social services cut backs - because California can afford them now. My face hurts because I'm smiling so much.

Look forward to complete government control regarding the initiative process. Why, that's the real problem. Joy, joy, joy.

California becomes the first white minority state with the passage of "Sanctuary State" with open border policies with Mexico - Viva La Raza." Yippe, whitey is gone."

Prop 13, overturned. OMG, too good to be true.

Well folks, I'm happy because I don't have to wait for California to crash and burn much longer. I'm so happy I will be able to see it in my lifetime. Fortunately, when we retire, we will be moving out of the state because by then, California will be so hostel to the "new white minority" you will see a mass exodos. Property values will completely collapse, new businesses will not keep pace with those closing and leaving the state, the Fed government will not have enough money to bail out California, and boom....Hispanic Conservative Republicans to the rescue. After all, it's not about race; it's about the principles of freedom and liberty.

The Republican party has a higher percentage of Hispanics getting those good public policy skills then do the Democrates. That means there will be a greater pool of highly experienced public servents available in the Conservative Republican party ready to move to the failed state of California when the time is right.

So fear not Californians, you will still have to pay more to live here for now - but tomorrow brings hope and change.  Forward.

Don't you just love the weather here?


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