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By Central Coast T..., on Oct 14, 2013

Measure G has been put forth by the Pacific Grove United School District that demands 27.8 million plus interest for upgrades in computers and technology for the next 15-18 years.

The supporters of this parcel tax increase probably do not take into considertion what many property owners are going through financially with Obamacare, where extimated costs show many property owners will have up to $6,000 or more in extra outlays as early as next year.

The unknown tax implementations of just Obamacare have middle class families panicking.

Either way, we have no idea how much money we will have to spend right now on Obamacare, and Measure G wants 28.7 million dollars from us on top of that.  Add in a 40% water bill increase, less deductions on taxes, higher cost of living and you have a pie that few will eat. By lowering the percentage needed to pass, supporters hope there are enough "well to do" people that will help it sail through.

Supporters seem to think that the people who simply oppose any new tax regardless of the need of the community are a huge number when it's not. Actually, the ones they should worry about (and obviously could give a flip about) are on limited incomes.  How are older people suppose to get more income around here? You'd think some of the supporters would have raised a red flag that this measure actually HARMS the struggeling homeowner. After watching the wasteful spending on the stadium, they see Pacific Grove as a noodle budget ordering lobster. In other words, spending more than is actually needed. The trust is gone with the PGUSD for many Pagrovians.

This is an absolute horrible economy for most Californians. But here in PG, it’s worse, because there are few well-paying  jobs in Monterey County to supplement ones income to be able to afford to stay here with these huge new tax burdens. They tried to make it affordable, but the numbers don't add up to reducing costs of living, just up and up and up and up.

VOTE NO on G – No New Taxes in this Horrible Economy

Yes on K - To Create more Jobs in Monterey County

By the Way, Republicans Do have a Health Care Reform Plan.

Voter spoke on November 5th.  Pagrovians say "NO" to Measure G for the technology needed to implement Common Core Public School Curriculum at a price tag of 28.7 million dollars over the next 18 years.  The measure needed 55% to pass and only garnered 51.5%.  In the new reality of Obamacare insurance mandates affecting many in this area, Measure G is a real waste of property owners money in terms of real need.

Interesting that the Common Core Curriculum is supported by Bill and Melinda Gates, guaranteeing support of the measure by The Monterey Herald.  The Monterey Weekly, Carmel Pine Cone, Cedar Times and all the rest of the local media supported Measure G.  These media people have no idea of the new financial hardships of the many middle class and aging Pagrovians, and will support anything for "the children", even in the worst financial times in recent history.

Thanks for all who helped get the message out, but in reality, voting NO was a no brainer.

The Pacific Grove Unified School District school board quietly implemented Common Core without educating or allowing any public discussion to inform parents of this new "21st Century" technology schooling.  The fact is, the school board doesn't want to have a public discussion. It's a nightmare folks.  Go to the issues page and read about the fire that is catching on all over the country against it.





Below are a list of people and organizations that endorsed Measure G on the campaign for measure G website:[3] - These supporters want the best for the public school children, no doubt, but the price tag is a bit expensive for a small town that is struggeling financially.  Measure G is a want, not a need. Also, I wonder how many know exactly whats in the Common Core Cirriculum that the finest money can buy (like the stadium) has in store for their kids privacy and the results of a one size fits all cirriculum. There is a lot of money tied up in this measure, and that's frightening in and of itself if you are the only public opposition.

  • Ronald Pasquinelli, President, Monterey Peninsula Taxpayers Association
  • Monterey County Democratic Party
  • Moe Ammar, Business Leader
  • Darius Engels, PGPD Chief (ret.)
  • Marge Ann Jameson, [mailto]
  • Henry Nigos, Financial Advisor
  • Sam Teel, Monterey Peninsula Taxpayers Association and PG School Bond Oversight Committee
  • Richard Stillwell, Retired Business Owner
  • Donald E. Mothershead, Resident for 56 years
  • Jane Durant Jones, Loan Officer
  • Matt Bosworth, Bank Vice President
  • Dianne Hobson
  • Steve Thomas Parent & Home Owner
  • Casey Lucius Pacific Grove City Council member
  • Nate & Terry Piotrkowski
  • Jacquie Atchison, Parent, Education Non-Profit Executive
  • Shannon Cardwell, Retired Postmaster
  • Bill Monning, State Senator
  • Ashley Gamble
  • S. & J. Thomas
  • Lisa Thomas
  • Matt Nelson
  • Jennifer Nelson
  • Vishant Shahnawaz
  • Veli Kreci
  • Julie and Steve Bajari
  • Katie Uppman
  • Krista Tadlock
  • Rob Lee, CPA
  • Richard and Mary Goblirsch
  • Kathleen Lee
  • Andrew & Carol Miller
  • Kristen Hollingsworth, Teacher at PGUSD
  • Summer Wright, Teacher
  • Jeff Dal Bon
  • Jan Pratt, Broker Associate
  • Jeremy Johnson, Teacher at Pacific Grove High School in PGUSD
  • Denise Hedlind
  • Sandra Jordan, Retired Teacher, PGUSD
  • Kari Serpa, Teacher, Forest Grove Elementary
  • Erik Uppman, Advertising Executive
  • Ryan & Kate Bitter
  • Juliana Dacuyan, Teacher at PGUSD
  • Stephanie Perlstein, Teacher at PGUSD
  • Kris Stejskal, 3rd Grade Teacher
  • Talma Taormina
  • Mike Niccum, General Manager of PBCSD

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